Necie Navone – Author

I’m an author, with a lot of characters living in my head, just dying to get out and share their story.

The Brothers of Camelot are twelve childhood friends who grew up playing Knights of Camelot.

As teenagers, they made a pact to always be friends and when they grew up to go into business together.

Just like Camelot, they now hold all their meetings gathered around a round table.

Where all decisions need a unanimous vote.



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Brothers of Camelot

The Brothers are as close as blood. There are no secrets between them. They now own and run several successful businesses, from Camelot Bar & Club, Camelot Construction, to Camelot Security.

You’ll laugh, possibly shed a tear or two.

You’re liable to run into a bit of suspense and a thrill from time to time as well. In more ways than one.

They all have a passion for life and between the sheets.

A devotion to each other and family that is beyond compare.

Each of the Brothers of Camelot will be hard to forget, and impact your heart and soul.

Join them on their adventure of find love, fighting for it and their struggles to make it work.

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