Brothers of Camelot

The Only One

Brothers of Camelot – Book 1

“Can a man whore whose motto isone and done’keep it in his pants long enough to win back the trust of his childhood sweetheart?”

Drake, otherwise known as Fitz, was dealt a tragic hand from the beginning. Pain and rejection melted away when a little girl with huge brown eyes, strawberry blonde curls and an explosive personality, walked into his new home and his heart.

Inseparable as kids, she’s literally ripped from his arms when they’re teens. Convincing himself he’s unworthy of her, he closed himself off to all future relationships, refusing to open his heart to anyone else. If only she would come back to him.

Isabella, with her unique personality, is the polar opposite of her rich socialite mother, with a determination and drive to be more than just someone’s country club showpiece.

She returns to her childhood town to start her own business, and prove she doesn’t need her mother, or a man, to feel complete. Thanks to her first love, her father’s betrayal and a slew of bad relationships, she’s locked her heart away, hidden behind her smile and sweet disposition. She’s found peace in her memories of Drake, hoping he’ll finally contact her, or maybe she’ll find the nerve to contact him.

Can their long-lost love be rekindled or do they need a little help from their friends?

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My One LoveMy One Love

The Brothers of Camelot Book 2

There’s one man in my life I’ve measured every other man against. One that made my blood pound and my heart throb with longing. One I’ve wished I could have for myself since the day I met him almost eight years ago. Grayson Riggs. He’s everything I want and everything I’m determined to have. But what if the real him isn’t the man I’ve made him out to be in my dreams? What if he cannot except me as his equal? What then?

No matter how many women I’ve met in the last eight years, how far I’ve traveled or how many random hookups I’ve had, there is one woman who stays with me no matter what I do. One pair of eyes, so beautiful they haunt my dreams, one pair of lips I want to kiss over and over again for the rest of forever. Aless. I’ve tried to find her. I’ve traveled to Italy and New York many times hoping I’d be lucky, but I’ve never seen her again. I miss her. I want her. I’m just wishing on a star she’ll find me again.

When Aless, now known as Lexy falls back into Grayson’s life, and her past comes back to haunt her, will they be able to overcome their differences to make a relationship work? Or will their Alpha personalities push each other away? Will they be able to celebrate their One Love, or are they destined to be apart forever?

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Happily Ever After

Brothers of Camelot Style

Once upon a time, there was a boy and girl who fell in love the moment they met, only to be ripped apart in their teens before their love could blossom.

Fitz, grew up to become the bitter Camelot Brother, known as the manwhore of the group, with a motto of “One and Done” in order to drown out the memories of his lost Bella…

But as fate would have it, his childhood sweetheart was closer to him than he realized. With a little secret help from The Brothers, they were brought back together.

When Bella came back into Fitz’s life, he went from ‘One and Done’ to ‘One and Only’. He had his Bella back, never to let her go again.

Join Bella, Fitz, and “Peanut” as they journey down the aisle to their Happily Ever After … Brothers of Camelot Style.


My Life Series

My Hidden Life 

My Life – Book 1

…She has to be better than any man around her. She the Family future.

Alessandra, the Princess of the Canzano crime Family, was introduced to the dangers of her family’s world at the young age of six when a rival family left her bleeding and scared on her birthday.

Her uncle now dedicates his life to making sure she is not only protected, but that Alessandra will never feel helpless again in their world. All the while, trying to keep her feeling like she is just a normal girl.

Join Alessandra in Part One of ‘My Life’ series as she trains to be the heir to the Canzano Family – the Capo her father wants. A life that she must hide from even her closest friends and family.

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My Tragic Life

My Life –  Book 2

Duty. Responsibility. Family.

Three words that form the gilded cage I’ve lived in my whole life. I’m the Princess of the Canzano Family, a title many would think to be glamorous, amazing. Well, the glamorous part would be accurate, but that’s where it ends. I’m absolutely miserable.

I’ve been training since I was six years old to protect the Family… a side of me that I need to keep hidden. I must appear to be the perfectly polished Princess at all times, a ruse and title I despise. I get no choice in anything, everything is controlled for me by my father, the Capo. I wish and dream for the freedom to be ME.

When a rival Family strikes causing my life to be turned upside down, I didn’t think things could get any worse and then I learn how wrong I am, as I’m forced to become my worst nightmare in order to protect the Family I want no part of.

My life went from being bearable misery…to nothing short of Tragic.

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My Free Life

My Life –  Book 3

Freedom. Something the majority of the people on this Earth enjoy. Something I’ve never had. Something I want more than anything.
When I left for University, I thought my life wouldn’t be quite so tragic… Ha! I am now the Capo Donna, in charge of the Family and its businesses located in Northern Italy.

The power struggle between me and my Papa, the Capo, comes to a head when some of my closest friends find themselves caught in a dangerous situation.

In order to save them, I have to let that switch inside me flip, the one I hate, in order to be what they need me to be to save them. The monster my Papa insisted I become, the one he can no longer control. The assassin. The side of me I fear will destroy my soul if I can’t escape from this Family… This Life.

Will I ever be able to wash this blood off my hands? Can I ever be absolved of the lives I’ve taken? This is the final straw.

As friends and loved ones begin finding their Happily Ever Afters, I know it’s time to escape. They’ll all be fine. They have their One and Only’s. It’s time for me to be Free… so I can find my own.

WARNING: Family Drama, Sex, and a lot of excitement

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